What I decided to give up for Lent

I had given up sugar and coffee before and that benefited me; lost weight and less caffeine.  This year I wanted to be able to give back.  So I have decided to give up buying fast food, pop, snacks and send the amount saved to the Marland Children’s Home in Ponca City.  This is not a great amount of money, but I’ll add this amount to what I normally would contribute.

I have to confess I have failed on my vow already, two days in a row.  I made a trip to “the city”.  This is about an hour and a half drive.  I always grab a drink at the local gas stop before I leave and then stop at McDonalds for a sandwich off the dollar menu midway.  Without a thought otherwise I did the same going and coming back.  As a penalty, I will double the cost of the drinks and sandwich and put it in the jar.  This may be harder to do than I thought.  Since I am in a rural area, shopping for groceries and other necessities involves driving a distance.  I will have to plan ahead and take snacks and drinks with me.

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