Food from the Homestead


Opened up the last jar of canned pinto beans that we grew in last year’s garden.  It was an experiment to grow pintos, navy, and lima beans.  I planted a row of each about 20 feet long.  I found out it takes alot of planting to get a substantial amount of beans but it was fun watching them grow.  I ended up with enough pintos to can 3 quarts which hardly seems worth the effort.  But, it’s nice to say that we are eating what we grew ourselves.

Along with the beans we had a mess of crappie (pronounced croppie) caught by my husband in a creek behind our home.  This is a wonderful white meat fish found in lakes, ponds and creeks here in Oklahoma. Even those that don’t care for fish usually love the mild flaver.  Along with a fresh salad, it was a wonderful dinner.  There is an art to fried fish to make it crisp and light brown on the outside and nice and flaky on the inside.  On the side, tartar sauce with my special receipe

For nice crisp fish:

The batter is half white flour and half cornmeal.  Fish is filleted.  Use about a half inch or inch of vegetable or canola oil in a cast iron skillet.  Heat up the skillet first for a few minutes and add the oil.  I just rinse my fish in water and dredge in the flour/cornmeal mixture.  No seasoning is added yet. Make sure the oil is sizzling before adding fish. Let it cook a few minutes until lightly browned and turn.  The pieces are pretty small so the cooking is fast!  I remove the fish to a platter and then (the secret ingredient) sprinkle with Lowry’s Seasoning salt. Cover with a towel to keep warm and cook another batch.

For the best tartar sauce:

Start with Miracle Whip salad dressing, about a cup.  Add about an 1/8th cup of chopped white onion and an equal amount of chopped dill pickles.  Finally, sprinkle with Lowry’s and mix together. Deliciously simple!

We know it’s Spring when the crappie are biting and the daffodils appear!daffodils


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