No Weed-No Water Garden!

As the seasons arrive in their proper order, Spring wildflowers appear in an orderly fashion.  They are as beautiful as any cultivated garden and the only requirement is to admire and enjoy.  No watering or weeding!  One of the first flowers to make it’s appearance is what we call Sweet Williams. These have a very beautiful delicate purple flower.  I have been tempted to transplant to my flower beds but wildflowers do not cooperate in forced plantings. These are found along the sides and ditches of country roads. They’ll often appear in areas where the ground has been plowed up releasing long buried seeds.

Before the Sweet Williams have died, the next beauty to appear is the Indian Paintbrush. The Indian Paintbrush will blanket the cattle pastures in a sea of bright red.  Next comes the Navaho Indian blanket with it’s gold center surrounded by deep red and outlined in gold.  Pastures and sides of country roads will be covered in waves of the light and dark reds of the Indian Paintbrush and Navaho Indian Blankets.

As Spring progresses into Summer there will be many more wildflowers that will make their appearance.  Some of these flowers will only show their beauty under certain conditions.  The beautiful yellow blooms on this Prickly Pear Cactus actually bloomed during one of the worst droughts we had in 2011. This Barrel Cactus also gave a rare show of blooms during that same drought. In fact, all of these flowers bloomed during one of the worst droughts in Oklahoma. Goes to show that some of the worst trials and conditions can produce the greatest beauty.

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