Granddaughters’ Garden

For the last several years we’ve had a little plot behind the house for a small garden for the girls, now ages 8 and 6.  We would plant tomatoes, sunflowers and any flower seeds that I might have laying around.  They are always just excited about getting outside and into the dirt as I am.

The huge sunflowers took up the small garden space so we decided to find another place for them this year.  I have planted them but so far they are not coming up.  Recently there has been a lot of rain and the sun has stayed behind the clouds.  We’re not complaining about rain in Oklahoma!  Too many years of constant drought. Hopefully when the sun comes out, the sunflowers will make their appearance.

Every year I always wish I had a salad garden close to the house to conveniently grab lettuce and tomatoes for a nice dinner salad.  This year the girls and I put in a salad garden.  I still don’t have the tomatoes planted.  Even though it was a very early Spring, our traditional last freeze date is April 15th.  Too many enthusiastic gardeners in Oklahoma put out tomatoes in March only to have them killed off by a predictable last minute freeze. I have resisted early planting, but our ground is too wet for planting right now. I think this weekend will be a good time and our harvest shouldn’t be delayed too much.

Flower seeds were planted around the garden, but so far not coming up.

Girls Garden
Lettuce and Spinach, we also grow rocks!

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