Preventing Strep Naturally – I Hope!

Recently John started feeling quite ill, which is very unusual for him. He seems to have a natural immunity to colds, flu, etc. There’s been a nasty respiratory virus making the rounds and we thought he might even have the flu as he had aching muscles to go along with sinus pressure, headache, sore throat and just really feeling bad.

A trip to the Doctor and a flu test proved negative and was told to call if he wasn’t doing better in a few days. It didn’t get better so back we went and this time his throat symptoms were worse so he was tested for strep. That was it. A prescription for amoxicillin was given. I was a little concerned about my prospects since doing some research indicated it was highly contagious. It is usually contagious a couple of days before you have any symptoms so that little bug may be circulating as I type. My nose is starting to run. Ok, I think my imagination is beginning to run.

However, I would like to stop this thing before it takes hold. This time of year I have been on Sambucol Black Elderberry Syrup to boost immunity to help prevent flu and viruses along with extra doses of Vitamin C so I’m hoping that will help. Online research points to garlic as a natural killer of the Streptococcal  virus. The Healthy Home Economist  gives her recommendations for treating strep naturally without using antibiotics. It is compelling, but don’t know if I would avoid antibiotics once I had full onset of the strep virus. If garlic can stop it, I’m hoping it will prevent it. I’m trying to use Lysol around the house, but it’s pretty hard to spray the whole house!

Found a recipe on for a garlic tea to treat strep and I’m giving it a try.
1. Bring one cup of water to a boil.
2. Add 4 cloves of garlic and boil the cloves for one minute and reduce heat and simmer for five minutes.
3. Remove from heat and let the water cool for five minutes. The steam can be inhaled as you are waiting for it to cool.
4. Strain or remove the cloves. My cloves were still in 4 cloves so I removed and saved.
5. Add one tsp. of raw honey, stir and drink.

I’m also drinking a mixture of 2 tablespoons raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar,  2 tablespoons of honey in a cup of hot water.  It’s very good for you and tastes good too.

Not wanting to waste good garlic, I’m eating the  boiled cloves for extra protection. The exposure time for strep is 2 to 5 days so I should know in a few days if I  have dodged the bullet. I’ll give an update soon. In the interim, if strep has been making its way in your area, you might want to stock up on fresh garlic, raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar.