Slow Down

Church services in our building have been cancelled today but I was able to watch online.  Our church has gone live on Facebook for quite a while.  There was quite a “crowd” today.

A friend of mine posted a call to a World Day of Prayer today from Noon to 1PM.  I believe in the power of prayer.  If you’re so led, please join.

Every generation has had it’s test.  My parents now known as “The Greatest Generation” lived thru the Great Depression and World War II. My generation, the Boomers have benefited from their great sacrifice.  It’s our turn to step up and be the example to our children and grandchildren.  Not panic, but faith and a can do spirit.

A couple of sayings have been coming out of my mouth this week that I heard from my Mother when I was growing up.  “Waste not, want not”, “If you can’t eat it or wear it, don’t buy it”, “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or Do Without.” This could be the new mantra for our generation.

Praying for peace and health for my family and yours.

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