The Virus Has Not Stopped Spring!

This has been a busy week.  A friend, whose Mother is in a local nursing home, sent out a call for seamstresses to make face masks for the staff.  I have leftover fabric from quilt making and the blessings of You Tube provided the instructions so I’ve been called into action.  I’ll go into more detail later.  Sliced bread is sold out as quick as toilet paper here so we’ve been making our own.  Yesterday I made a recipe for sandwich bread but it was too crumbly for my liking so I’ll need to research what went wrong and try again.

John has been getting out of confinement to check for fish at the creek which runs behind our property.  While I was planning to start breadmaking, he rushes in and tells me to buy a fishing license online because the fish are biting in a big way.  Every cast is a sand bass on the line.  So off we went.  There is no limit on sand bass because they are so plentiful.  What a blessed way to fill our freezer!  We cut up 13 quarts of wonderful white fish.  I would rather eat fish than steak any day!  Like the Southern girl I am, it has to be fried in a half and half mixture of flour and cornmeal topped off with Lowry’s Seasoning salt.  I always make my own tartar sauce by dicing onions, pickles and mixing with Miracle Whip and again a little Lowry’s.

Later in the day, my sweetheart brought me this wildflower bouquet.  Wildflowers have a season here.  The first to arrive are what we call Sweet Williams and such a heavenly aroma they have.

We have a spot (secret) on our property where the Morel Mushrooms appear to let us know it’s Schroom Time Today two magically appeared.  My son and family are off to the woods right now to hunt for more.

The world is in chaos right now, but fish, Sweet Williams and Morels are a reminder from God that He is still in control.


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