Woodland Beauty

It’s late summer and the call of Fall and the deer hunting season is strong. John went deep into the woods behind our house to remove one of the rarely used hunting stands in that area of our property. It’s actually a miniature hunting cabin complete with door, windows, built in seats and propane heaters. They’re built on metal stilts with a ladder to give an excellent view to spot game. The finishing touch is completed by camouflage paint and cedar branches.

In the process of removing the stand John spotted a bright red wildflower that he had never seen before. He wanted to show me the beautiful flower so we took off into the woods on our four wheeler.

This area of the woods offered up some delightful wildflowers that we haven’t seen before. Each year there is a season on wildflowers. In early Spring we see a violet bouquet of flowers we call Sweet Williams. Then comes the Indian Paint Brushes with their brilliant red flowers on upright stalks followed by Navajo Blankets and Black Eyed Susans. The unidentified red flower looked like a cross between a trumpet flower and a Bird of Paradise. But to me, the star of the show was the magnificent stand of purple ball flowers. In researching, I believe they are called a Texas Thistle.

Photo thistle by Dan Routh

So blessed to be able to get out and admire God’s amazing and unusual creations!

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