The Children Love It!

One of Oklahoma’s notorious ice storms has hit and covered the state. It has a beauty to it but it can be deadly, both to the unprepared and to the prepared. In 2007, a bad ice storm hit leaving us without electric for 14 days. Fortunately, we have a generator and was able to get gas to run it.

Adults went into action getting out candles and stored water. Chickens and rabbits still had to be fed and watered so the children bundled up and took care of the rabbits and John took care of the chickens.

Fortunately our heat and cooking is from propane so we were quite comfortable. Sarah put on a large pot of Hunter’s Stew. I settled in with a real book I recently ordered on disaster preparedness of all things! This storm along with the pandemic showed me some of the holes in my preparedness plan.

When the lights went out, the atmosphere became a different place. Think Little House on the Prairie. My 8 year old grandson announced he wants to live without electric when he grows up. The rest of the children, ages 15 through 6 decided to play the board game, The Settlers of Catan. Normally homeschooling, their local school was out, so they enjoyed the day off too. No requests to watch television or play with electronics, just children gathered around the kitchen table playing a game of strategy. Without lights or electronics, choices for activities become simpler. Life slows down naturally.

Our day without electricity ended pretty quick, thanks to our local electric co-op linemen. I want to keep the peacefulness just a little longer.

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