Sacred Spaces

Sacred – set apart for – Do you have a place you go to daily to recharge your batteries, rest your mind, speak to God and listen for his Holy Spirit?  Each morning I go to my special place to praise and give thanks to God.  I pray for my family, friends and God’s work and purpose here and abroad.  This is a peaceful beginning to my day and prepares me for whatever the day may bring.  I then begin my daily Bible study and homework from Bible Study Fellowship.

If you don’t have a special place, think about where that place could be for you.  It could be a comfy chair next to a sunlit window or even a place outside where the view will draw your mind upon God and away from the daily grind.  Susannah Wesley (1701 – 1800) bore 17 children, two which were John and Charles, the founders of Methodism. When she needed time to pray, it was said that she would take her large apron and cover her head.  Her children knew this meant not to bother their mother during this time.

Another person that comes to mind, is the fictional character, Clark Davis in the movie, Love Comes Softly.  Set in the wild prairie of Montana, with no church buildings, Clark had a special place with a panaramic view where he would pray, sing and worship.  It was on a wooden bench similar to this one.wooden bench

The wood on the walls and bench is Eastern Red Cedar.  My husband cut the trees, sawed on his sawmill, planed and nailed the boards.  If you have ever dreamed of building your own home or finishing a room like we did, I’ll be giving more details soon.



Bird Whisperer

Busy day today.  I drive two hours to attend my weekly bible study with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) every Tuesday.  In the future I will blog about BSF because it is so worth the time spent.

I wanted to share a video of my husband spending a moment with a beautiful red cardinal.  Bet you have never seen anything like it!  I never have and glad I was able to catch it with my phone.  Winter is still technically here but we are seeing signs of an early Spring; warmer weather, blue birds making nests and neighbors planting gardens against better judgement.  Our last Spring freeze is considered around April 15th.

I hope you enjoy!


For Where your Treasure is…

February 29, 2016

More days have passed since I’ve written about my Lent journey.  I’m finding it’s more about what is gained than what is given up.  Giving up a few sodas and McChickens has been pretty easy.  It takes a little advance planning to pack some water and snacks when I go into town every Tuesday for Bible Study Fellowship. It’s amazing how quick this can add up.  I’ve gained health by giving up sodas and fast food.  I’ve gained an appreciation for the happiness it brings that such a small sacrifice is helping someone in their real need.

My grandaughters enjoy doing crafts so we created a beautiful jar for the money to donate to the Marland Children’s Home. It’s a lesson for them and me that giving to others in need should be a top priority for the daily walk of the Christian. Matthew 6:21 tells me, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  In addition to donating money, I need to include them in my daily prayers.

Childrens Home Jar