Hollywood Comes to the Prairie

Pawhuska, the capital of Osage County, and nearby Fairfax is buzzing with people and activity now that Killers of the Flower Moon The Dark Past of the Osage Comes to Life is finally in movie production. Tourists and snoops (that would be me) have invaded hoping to catch a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio. The Mercantile, owned by Ree Drummond a.k.a. Pioneer Woman, is crowded with fans enjoying the fine dining hoping to take a picture with Ree, Ladd or his Dad, Chuck Drummond.

Security is everywhere and movie back drops are hidden from view. John and I discovered a group of men on horses waiting for their scene. This cowboy noticed John’s ball cap with Marine insignia, thanked him for his service and asked what division he served. The cowboy, also a Veteran, served in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Marines. He drove from Utah with his horse and mules to be a part of the production.

The weather was nice for onlookers but probably very hot for women in long dresses, cowboys in vests and chaps, and WW1 veterans in wool uniforms.

Lots of classic cars everywhere in good running condition!

The Railroad Station in Fairfax, no longer in operation, was recreated in Pawhuska.

Some filming action is taking place in Fairfax. This reproduction of a Catholic Church is actually built over the Nazarene Church.

I didn’t see any signs of Leonardo. They’re keeping him well hidden from public view. Filming continues so perhaps I’ll have another chance!

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